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This research will investigate the direct coupling of wave energy converters to reverse osmosis desalination plant powered by pressurised water from the primary power take off system. Although reverse-osmosis desalination plant driven by renewable energy currently exist, they have mostly used an electric pump to provide a relatively stable saline water flow. Direct coupling to the hydraulic output of a WEC poses several challenges the most significant being that reverse-osmosis (RO) plant does not normally operate in variable inflow conditions and consequently there is very little published research in this area. As not all WEC concepts are suitable for direct hydraulic coupling to RO plant, it is essential to develop a target specification and apply it to current and proposed technology.

Dr Matt Foley - Principal Investigator

Dr Matt Foley is a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Natural and Built Environment (Environmental Change and Resilience) at Queen's University Belfast. Dr Foley is the International Chair of PT62600-101 - Development of standards for the resource assessment of wave energy converters, International Electro-technical Committee, an International Convenor for Nemoh Developers Group, a Member of PEL114 - Development of Standards for Marine Renewable Energy Systems, The British Standards Institution and a Temporary Senior Lecturer, University of Peradeniya.

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Dr Tapas Kumar Das - Research Fellow, Queens University Belfast

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Video: Investigation into the direct coupling of wave energy converter with a reverse osmosis plant

Video: Investigation into the direct coupling of wave…

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