Our web-based interactive research landscape tool 

Many industry roadmaps have been developed for Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE). These roadmaps are generally on a sectoral basis (for offshore wind and marine, with wave and tidal often considered together). To develop the area strategy for the Supergen ORE Huband its associated programme of Core and Flexible Fund supported research, we have synthesised these roadmaps and undertaken an extensive consultation exercise with industry, our Advisory BoardResearch Alignment Group and other key research groups to produce an interactive web tool that can be explored to find the latest research in offshore renewable energy. The tool is intended for use by multiple stakeholders, including the general public, industry, policy makers and academia.

You can access the Research Landscape HERE

An introduction to our Research Landscape

The research landscape tool provides a set of key research themes which are listed in an interactive panel on the left of the landscape. Selecting a research theme from this list will highlight a number of current research challenges within the theme on the landscape. When a numbered research challenge is selected on the landscape, more information is presented in the form of a summary 'card', which sets out key information about the context, scope and status of the research challenge, with an option to ‘delve deeper’.

Following the 'delve deeper' link allows you to read full information about the research challenge, including providing direct links to relevant research projects.

To return to the research landscape you can either click ‘landscape’ in the top right-hand corner, or ‘return to homepage’ at the end of the page.

Submit details of research papers or projects for inclusion in the Research Landscape

The research landscape will be updated on a regular basis so please keep checking back to find links to new and relevant research projects. 

We would also like to invite UK researchers and industry stakeholders within ORE to submit links to research projects, both past and present, for inclusion within the landscape.

Therefore, if you have a UK-based research project within an area of ORE that you feel is relevant to a specific research theme or challenge within the Research Landscape, you can find a link under the 'Delve Deeper' research status section within any of the research challenges in the landscape. This will take you to an online form to provide further details, which the Supergen ORE Hub will review for consideration.  Alternatively, you can click HERE to directly access the form from our website.