Testing facilities for offshore wind, wave and tidal technologies are fundamental in advancing research in offshore renewable energy (ORE). As a central point for the offshore renewable energy community, the Supergen ORE Hub has created an interactive map of facilities based in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland which can be used for testing in ORE academic and industrial research.

The Supergen ORE Hub has compiled this list of facilities following a survey conducted with the Hub network and incorporating information from the Directory of UK based test and demonstration facilities for wind technologies, (Zappalá, Donatella and Crabtree, Christopher J. and Hogg, Simon (2018) Directory of UK based test and demonstration facilities for wind technologies. Project Report. Durham University, Durham.), completed by UK EPSRC SUPERGEN Wind Hub. More details about this directory can be found on the Durham University website.

If there is a facility you would like to add or amend on this map, please contact supergenorehub@plymouth.ac.uk with the subject line ‘ORE Facilities Map’.

Facilities are grouped by categories (e.g. wind tunnels, hydrodynamics, robotics) as layers on the map. To filter by facility type, click the arrow in the top left hand side of the map to reveal the categories. Some categories include more than one facility type. Where this occurs, facility types are represented by different coloured pins.

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