Wave energy is a renewable energy source that has immense potential for exploitation as clean energy. Among the different type of wave energy converters (WECs), the terminator-type of WEC, “oscillating water column (OWC)” device is considered in this present study for the reason that it can be easily integrated with coastal structures as a multi-purpose system to reduce the total cost and also easy maintenance. The foremost burden in the advancement of OWC WEC technology is the financial aspect in comparison with alternative renewable technologies. For this reason, a multiutilitarian system is potential and more feasible. This multi-purpose option made the OWC device installation integrated into the breakwater in a larger scale at ports in both the places Mutriku in Spain and Civitavecchia in Italy. Based on the author’s experimental study on the hydrodynamic optimization of OWC WEC, it has been observed that the integration of OWC devices with breakwater decreases the reflection which leads to increase the stability of the breakwater against wave action. Also, the study of wave force measurement on OWC WEC subjected to non-breaking wave condition revealed that due to higher wave power absorption around the natural frequency of the system the total shoreward horizontal wave force on the OWC device decreases about 50%. Though the total wave force on the structure decreases compared to conventional caisson breakwater, the lip wall in the OWC system prone to heavy damage, as occurred in Mutriku wave power plant, during the extreme wave conditions. As the development of OWC WEC technology has increased in detail and scope, the need for developing design methods for impact loads due to steep and breaking waves is required in a trade-off with system performance to ensure its service life. The successful deployment of these devices in the real field help to achieve a reduction in carbon gas emission thereby minimizing the effect due to climate change and aids to attain the sustainable economy, which meets the growing energy demand.

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