The project

This project will develop a novel methodology to accurately quantify and describe the impact of current on wave measurement buoys. This work enables future measurements to more accurately account for the impact of current, provide a framework for estimating the current from wave buoy measurements, and reprocessing existing buoy datasets to provide historical current estimates. This means that offshore wind, tidal and wave energy technologies can be better designed considering the environmental conditions that they will be exposed to. Furthermore, the opportunity to use common, scaled, characterisation technology in the tank and field will aid the understanding of techniques used to translate site data into the laboratory.

Dr Sam Draycott - Principal Investigator

Dr Sam Draycott is the Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw Fellow in the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace & Civil Engineering at the University of Manchester. Sam's research is the area of offshore renewable energy, coastal and ocean engineering with particular expertise in physical model testing and metocean data analysis.

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  • A framework for processing wave buoy measurements in the presence of current. Ajit C.Pillai, Thomas Davey, Samuel Draycott (2020) View publication


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