The Supergen Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Hub is delighted to announce the publication of the Welsh-language edition of "Gaia's Energy Adventure" - "Anturiaethau Ynni Gaia!"

Originally published in English during COP26 in 2021, the book has gained attention for its innovative approach to educating young children about offshore wind, wave, and tidal energy.

Gaia's Energy Adventure is designed to simplify complex concepts surrounding offshore renewable energy for children aged 4 to 6 and those reading with them. By introducing these concepts at an early age, the book aims to foster interest and enthusiasm for engineering, particularly among underrepresented groups.

The Welsh version of the book has been translated to ensure accessibility for Welsh-speaking children and families. The Supergen ORE Hub is offering copies of the Welsh edition to Welsh-speaking schools and organisations interested in promoting renewable energy education.

We are thrilled to release the Welsh version of 'Gaia's Energy Adventure', by providing resources in multiple languages, we hope to reach a broader audience and inspire future generations to pursue careers in engineering and offshore renewable energy.

Professor Deborah Greaves OBE, Director of the Supergen ORE Hub at the University of Plymouth

Interested schools or organisations are encouraged to contact Supergen ORE Hub on for more information on obtaining copies.

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