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Satellite-based measurement has long been identified as having a potential role in enabling cost reduction of marine renewables, but applications have been largely limited to wind resource assessment and wake modelling. This project aims to take satellite data usage in offshore renewable energy (ORE) to the next level by better linking satellite data, models driven by such data, decisions driven by the model outputs, and quantifying this impact on a Levelised Cost of Energy. By mapping linkages between key decision horizons in ORE life cycle to satellite capability will produce a visual map of where satellite data can best impact ORE project decisions. This map will direct the data analysis activities towards the project decisions having the best potential for improvement and quantify any reductions in uncertainty. These improvements will then be captured and monetised in a range of cost models.

Dr Encarni Medina-Lopez - Principal Investigator

Dr Medina-Lopez is the Chancellor's Fellow in Data Driven Innovation, Space and Satellite at the University of Edinburgh. Dr Medina-Lopez's research focuses on the use of remote sensing to tackle the water-energy-environment trilemma. At present, they are using multispectral satellite imagery, in situ data, and machine learning techniques to investigate processes modelling the coastal environment. They also interested in studying the interaction of marine energy converters and the coast, as well as the relationship between these, social and environmental factors, and the built environment. Dr Medina-Lopez holds a PhD in Energy Systems & Dynamics of Biogeochemical Flows.

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Presentation from Supergen ORE Hub Second Annual Assembly (November 2019)

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