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This project will obtain, for the first time, systematic, long-term measurements of underwater noise generated by two operational floating offshore wind (FOW) turbines of different designs across a range of environmental conditions. Based on these measurements, cumulative noise levels and spatial footprints from turbine arrays, and potential impact ranges for noise sensitive wildlife under varying environmental conditions will be determined. The project will allow a comprehensive comparison between sound outputs from the two different commercial-scale turbines.

This approach will be a first example for evaluation of FOW turbine acoustic signatures and allow assessment of differences in sound output resulting from particular turbine or mooring designs. This will be of significant use to both Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) developers interested in optimising device operations, and regulators concerned with managing anthropogenic noise in the marine environment.

Dr Denise Risch - Principal Investigator

Dr Denise Risch (PI) is a marine bioacoustician with extensive experience in using acoustic monitoring to study aquatic soundscapes and the impacts of noise on marine life. She leads the work package on marine mammal and noise monitoring in the EU Interreg VA funded ‘COMPASS’ project. Prior to her current post, she worked at the US National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS/NOAA), where she researched chronic noise impacts on marine species. Her current focus is on assessing noise outputs and impacts of marine renewables and acoustic deterrent devices. She has recently published a study characterising operational noise of a tidal turbine. Dr Risch has authored or co-authored 23 peerreviewed publications. She is currently supervising two PhD students in projects related to underwater noise impacts and acoustic detection of marine species.

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