This project aims to extend ongoing research assessing the role of Abrupt Depth Transitions (ADTs) on the formation of rogue waves, with particular relevance to Offshore Wind Turbines (OWTs) installed near continental shelves. The proposed project builds on a recent collaboration primarily between the University of Oxford (Yan Li, ECR) and the University of Manchester (Sam Draycott, applicant) through a UK-China flexible fund; where theoretical and experimental analysis delivered an answer, for the first time, as to why rogue waves occur atop ADTs in long-crested (i.e. two dimensional) sea states. The results are important to the analysis of extreme loads on offshore structures and, hence, the design and installation of offshore renewable devices. Through new experiments at the University of Manchester, this project will extend this understanding to directionally spread waves (i.e. from 2D to 3D) typically observed in real ocean environments, whilst significantly strengthening the aforementioned collaboration. This will also provide me with the opportunity to lead my first experimental campaign using University facilities since I joined (2019), experience I will build on for future research projects.

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