The Supergen Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Hub, as part of its Early Career Researcher (ECR) Fund, has awarded almost £29,000 to 8 projects at UK institutions.

The Supergen ORE Hub ECR Research Fund is designed to be a flexible fund for ECRs for small activities that either support or develop existing research or career skills.

Funded research activities are aligned with the objectives of the Supergen ORE Hub and are directed at offshore wind, wave, or tidal energy research. Including the projects from this fourth funding round, 32 projects have been funded in total, representing over £140,000 of investment into ECR development.

The awards made through this call cover a range of topics including assessing bio-physical interactions with floating tidal turbines, investigating fault-tolerant control technology of offshore wind turbines, and demonstrating a novel approach for wave calibration based on artificial intelligence.

A full list of the funded projects from this funding round are provided below. Further information about the successful projects from this and previous ECR Research Funding rounds can be found on the Supergen ORE Hub impact pages.

More information about joining the Early Career Researcher network can be found on the ECR community webpages.

The full list of funded projects are as follows:

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The Supergen ORE Hub

The Hub is a £9 Million Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funded project. Led by Prof. Deborah Greaves OBE, Head of School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics at the University of Plymouth, the Hub is a consortium of Universities researching Offshore Renewable Energy which also includes the University of Aberdeen, University of Edinburgh, University of Exeter, University of Hull, University of Manchester, University of Oxford, University of Southampton, University of Strathclyde and University of Warwick.

The Supergen ORE Hub is one of several Hubs created by EPSRC to deliver sustained and coordinated research on Sustainable PowER GENeration and supply.

The Supergen ORE Hub brings together and builds on the work of the former Wind and Marine Supergen Hubs following consultation with the research community. The new hub looks for synergies between wind, wave and tidal technologies as well as building on current research in each area.

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