This project will demonstrate how anisotropic blockage affectsthe loading on tidal stream turbines. Blockage is a significant driver of tidal turbine loading and must be accounted for in engineering design tools. However, present models do not account for anisotropic characteristics such as high aspect ratio channels and varying boundary proximities that the physical tidal environment and turbine installations present. To help overcome this, experiments will be conducted to establish relationships between turbine loading and vertical blockage, turbine position and nearby rotors in channels of varying aspect ratio. Through comparison with analytical blockage corrections, the results from this project will provide preliminary data to support a fellowship application that will improve engineering design tools for the tidal energy industry.

Project resources

Anisotropic blockage for tidal turbines (AnisoTide) - Final report

Anisotropic blockage for tidal turbines (AnisoTide) - Final…

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