Characterising flow conditions and turbulence statistics is a critical aspect of most experimental investigations of tidal energy devices and is often a key source of uncertainty [1; 2]. The research activity will investigate the use of fibre-film probe velocimetry for tidal turbine experiments in towing tanks. Fibre-film probes are effective in resolving smaller turbulent fluctuations that most other technologies due to their high frequency response and small sampling velocity, and also do not require seeding material, making them highly applicable to towing tank facilities. Additionally, flow measurements will be obtained with a 5-hole probe, developed by Dr Anna Young, University of Bath, and an electromagnetic velocimeter, provided by the COAST lab, University of Plymouth. This will allow a direct comparison of the three technologies to be made in a range of flow conditions and allow their evaluation with regard to characterising flow conditions and turbulence for experimental investigations of tidal turbines.

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