The report calls for faster collaborative action, continuing innovation, and a shared commitment to drive forward the strategic elements of the roadmap to net zero.

As COP28 delegates convene to focus on international climate action, this new report highlights the need for international collaboration to secure the role of offshore renewable energy in limiting global temperature rise. It provides a status update on the progress of offshore wind, wave and tidal energy and highlights strategic components of the roadmap to net zero and beyond. COP28 is an opportunity to focus on a shared commitment to rapidly expand global renewable energy and the Supergen ORE Hub has identified key actions for research, innovation, and policy enhancement to unlock offshore renewable energy's potential.

“To meet net zero greenhouse gas emissions targets by 2050, wind, wave and tidal energy will be required. Each of these types of offshore renewable energy is at a different stage of maturity and so the need to maintain and accelerate research and development is paramount."

Professor Deborah Greaves, Professor in Ocean Engineering and Director of the Supergen ORE Hub

The Supergen ORE Hub, supported by the UKRI EPSRC, is at the forefront of driving innovation and maximizing the societal value of offshore wind, wave, and tidal energy. This report has been written to share our insight into the sector and the technology development with policymakers, researchers, and industry stakeholders. It outlines the progress to date of the existing technologies and highlights crucial and urgent steps that must be taken to unlock the enormous potential of the energy held within our oceans.

Through our research leadership role, we have stressed the importance of pioneering new areas such as grid integration and hydrogen-wind energy synergy, and in nurturing new complementary offshore renewable energy technologies. The Hub’s research landscape, encompassing eight key areas from resource characterization to marine planning, is pivotal in addressing the offshore renewable energy sector's challenges and seizing the opportunities that will allow us to reach clean energy targets and mitigate the effects of climate change. Read the full report including a summary of key challenges affecting the sector and our recommendations to address them.

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