The Supergen ORE Hub enjoyed another opportunity to showcase the wonders of offshore renewable energy at Einstein's Gardens at the Green Man Festival.

The Supergen ORE Hub stall was part of a science engagement area and welcomed over 1000 young visitors to engage with fun and creative activities that demonstrate how we can create energy from the wind and the sea. Our stall allowed the young visitors to create their own waves in the mini-wave tanks, design paper wind turbines and join a storytime with a reading from our children's book to hear about the adventure Gaia has when her polar bear teddy comes to life and takes her on an exploration of wind, wave and tidal energy.

We enjoyed reading the comments board to learn what they enjoyed the most. They told us: “Wave energy is cool”, “I didn’t know water could make wind”, “I learned that wind turbines can float”, “I loved it!” and “Bigger waves produce more energy”. We're delighted to share the wonders of natural, renewable energy and we hope we've inspired some future engineers and scientists.

Find out more about the Green Man Festival on the website.

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