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Renewable energy systems work in variable and uncertain conditions, and this feature would naturally ask for transient overload capabilities of all components involved. Among the main components in an offshore renewable energy system, the power electronic stage is the only one lacking such a capability. This project will research a novel concept to assign, for the first time, a usable overload capability to power semiconductor devices and to use this capability in offshore renewable energy systems, for the purposes of stress reduction and grid support.

Professor Li Ran - Principal Investigator

Professor Li Ran is a Professor in the School of Engineering at the University of Warwick, where his current research interests include applications of power electronics in renewable energy systems, electrical power grids and machine drives. Li joined the University of Warwick as a Professor in Power Electronics - Systems in 2012, and he also acts as a Deputy Director for the State Key Laboratory in Power Transmission Equipment and System Security of China.

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Presentation from Supergen ORE Hub Second Annual Assembly (November 2019)

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