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Chalk, which can behave as a weak rock, can also be de-structured into a soft putty under pile driving or severe cyclic loading. Recent difficulties experienced offshore in chalk have highlighted an urgent need for more accurate and reliable design tools to enable robust and cost-effective foundation design for offshore wind energy developments involving this highly problematic geomaterial. This project will use pre-collected data to develop a novel numerical analysis to capture the behaviour of both individual chalk elements and full-scale offshore piles.

Dr Stavroula Kontoe - Pricipal Investigator

Dr Kontoe is a Reader in Soil Dynamics in the Geotechnics section. Her main research field is the development and application of numerical methods to study the performance of geotechnical structures under static, dynamic and seismic loading. Dr Kontoe’s research experience includes projects on the seismic performance of tunnels, retaining structures and dams, on site response analysis and its incorporation in seismic hazard studies, topographic effects on seismic ground motion, modelling vibrations induced by pile driving and slope stability in strain softening materials. She is also actively involved in teaching (geotechnical earthquake engineering, slope stability & geotechnical hazards) at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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