The ambition of the Supergen ORE Hub is to accelerate the impact of Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) devices and systems and to drive forward demonstrable contributions to the UK meeting net zero. The Early Career Researcher (ECR) network is a crucial part of the Hub's research leadership ambition, to support the development of the UK energy research leaders of the future who will deliver high-level objectives and lead the contribution of offshore renewable energy to net zero.

ECR Representatives
The Supergen ORE Hub have created two ECR representative roles so that they can act as a voice for the ECR community, shaping the direction of the network and engaging with the Supergen ORE Hub Management Board.

We're delighted to announce the appointment of two representatives, Dr Emma Edwards (University of Oxford) and Dr Hannah Mullings (University of Manchester) who have been active members of the ECR community and are enthusiastic about helping the Hub develop its support for the ECR community.

The representatives will engage with the ECR community as widely as possible to represent common views when collaborating with the Supergen ORE Hub management board. To start this process, if you would like to raise any matters with the representatives please email the Supergen ORE Hub.

ECR representatives will be in post for 18-months to allow the new roles to be established. The Supergen ORE Hub will then open another call for the next representatives who will be in post for the following 12 months.

Dr Emma Edwards
University of Oxford

Dr Edwards completed her BSc in Mathematics at the University of North Carolina in 2012. She then worked as a Research Assistant for a year at the University of Edinburgh's Institute for Energy Systems, where she was introduced to wave energy. Emma completed her PhD at MIT in 2020, and her thesis, supervised by Professor Dick Yue, was titled ‘Optimisation of the geometry of axisymmetric point absorber wave energy converters.’ She then held a part-time postdoctoral position at MIT with Professor Yue for a year. From 2021-2023, she was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Plymouth, working with Professor Deborah Greaves and Dr Martyn Hann, expanding her expertise to floating offshore wind and physical modelling. In October 2023 she started as a Career Development Fellow in Engineering at St Peter's College, University of Oxford.

Emma has been part of the Supergen ORE community for the past 2 years, since moving to the UK. She has been actively involved in the ECR community, attending the ECR Forum and Annual Assembly as well as participating in outreach events such as the Green Man festival.

I applied for this role to help support and further enhance the ECR community, in terms of outreach, equality and inclusiveness of the community, and furthering education and opportunities for young researchers. I am excited about supporting the ECR community this year, as we start up this new round of the Hub!

Dr Emma Edwards, University of Oxford

Dr Hannah Mullings
University of Manchester

Dr Mullings graduated with a First Class MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2015. Following this she went on to begin a PhD in Mechanical Engineering investigating the loads on a tidal stream turbine due to different unsteady operating conditions. In 2021, Dr Mullings was awarded a fellowship of the Higher Education Academy as well as a Chartered Engineer through the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. For the last four years, Dr Mullings has been supported as a Postdoctoral Research Associate and subsequently as a Research Fellow at the University of Manchester, continuing research into offshore renewable energy.

Hannah has been a well connected part of the ECR Community for several years, participating in the Supergen ORE Hub ECR Forum and connecting with the wider community through a series of different roles and involvement in sector conferences.

I look forward to supporting and representing the ECR Community within the Supergen ORE Hub, and working with the community and Management Board to support the development of the community over the coming year

Dr Hannah Mullings, University of Manchester

If you would like to raise any matters with the Representatives please email the Supergen ORE Hub in the first instance, subject line 'ECR Representative'.

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