The Conference on Wind energy and Wildlife impacts (CWW) is an internationally recognized event to share and engage in the latest science, focused on better understanding the risk of wind energy to wildlife and developing solutions to avoid, minimize, and offset the ecological impacts of wind farms, both onshore and offshore. The event also encourages researchers, conservation scientists, federal and state officials, NGO representatives and wind industry professionals that have experience of finding innovative and efficient solutions to these environmental concerns to work together and share knowledge. It also looks into the opportunities to enhance nature when developing wind farms. This all promotes a collaborative approach to resolving the key issues faced at wind farms.

Keynote: Professor Beth Scott - Supergen ORE Hub Co-Director (University of Aberdeen)

Working title: Will offshore windfarms produce effects across entire marine ecosystems?

Beth Scott is a Professor in Marine Ecology at the University of Aberdeen. She has a multi-disciplinary background in marine ecology, oceanography and fisheries. Her approach focuses on the functional linkages between fine scale bio-physical oceanographic processes, flexible individual life history traits and population dynamics of a range of fish and seabird species through both empirical data collection and modelling approaches. Her focus has been the spatial and temporal identification of critical marine habitats where mobile predator and prey species interact. Recently her research portfolio has been focused on the understanding of the effects of marine renewable energy systems on multi-trophic interactions and the methods for co-developing a Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) decision-support system with a range of stakeholders (industry, government, NGOs) to better incorporate ecosystem services knowledge and values into effective policies. She is currently a Co-Director for the EPSRC Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Supergen Hub and is a member of the Scottish Government Offshore Renewables Research (ScotMER) and on the European Marine Board Working Group on Marine Renewable Energy.

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