About the webinar

The Supergen programme hosted their second cross-hub webinar to allow Early Career Researchers (ECRs) from all the Supergen Hubs to connect and share their exciting projects. This webinar was a great chance to see what research is happening across the whole Supergen network and find some new opportunities for cross-hub collaboration.

Thank you to all the ECRs who attended and presented at the webinar. A recording of the session is provided below. Those who presented included:


  • Opening by Jianing Li (University of Birmingham, ECR committee - Energy Storage)
  • Samuel Scott (University of Bristol, Offshore Renewable Energy) – An overview of the Wind Blade Research Hub Activities
  • Pablo Ouro Barba (University of Cardiff, Offshore Renewable Energy) - Which hydrokinetic turbines are suitable for islands and remote communities?
  • Mona Faraji-Niri (University of Warwick, Energy Storage) - "Machine learning for battery production digitalisation: smarter electrode manufacturing”
  • Naveed Arshad (Aberystwyth University, Bioenergy) - "Resources Overview - Potential Areas for Bioenergy Crops"
  • Kumar Debnath (Heriot Watt University, Energy Networks) - "Decarbonisation of energy systems of South Asian developing economies through regional collaborations"
  • Shuming Zhang (Queens University, Bioenergy) - “Energy efficient biomass-to-syngas conversion via auto-thermal CaO looping biomass gasification”
  • James Lehoux (University of Southampton, Energy Storage) - "Image-based modelling of electrochemical devices: linking structure to performance"
  • Matthias Noebels (Manchester University, Energy Networks) - "Bridging the Gap between Resilience and Cascading Analysis"
  • Luke Jones (SuperSolar) - "Super-Hydrophobic, Anti-soiling Coatings for Photovoltaic Module Cover Glass”
  • Jonathon Harwell (SuperSolar) - "New designs for cheaper and more efficient thin-film solar cells"

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About the Supergen hubs

  • The UK is at the forefront of the development, adoption and export of Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) technologies. If we are going to maintain that world-leading position we need to continue to spearhead research and innovation in ORE. The Supergen Offshore Renewable Energy Hub provides research leadership to connect academia, industry, policy and public stakeholders, inspire innovation and maximise societal value in offshore wind, wave and tidal energy.
  • The Supergen Energy Networks Hub will establish a vibrant, well-connected, diverse, open and communicative energy networks community with a deeper understanding of whole systems approaches to energy networks.
  • The SuperSolar Hub is a complementary mix of researchers within the photovoltaics (PV) field in the UK, with internationally recognised expertise. By working together and engaging with industry, the SuperSolar Hub has played a crucial role in the development of perovskites as exciting Third Generation PV materials that are now on the cusp of commercial realisation.
  • Research within the Supergen Bioenergy Hub looks at the whole bioenergy chain, examining the characteristics and potential of different biomass and feedstocks, developing pre-treatment and conversion processes and identifying the best ways to deliver bioenergy. It also takes a holistic view of energy systems, assessing the role and impact of bioenergy on them and on related sectors. The hub’s research is underpinned by strong engagement with industry, policy and societal stakeholders.
  • The Supergen Energy Storage Network+ connects and serves stakeholders across the whole energy community, advancing and championing UK energy storage research and deployment. Driven by a multi-disciplinary investigator team and a well-established and growing base of expert members, Supergen Network+ will convene the energy storage community across discipline to enable it to grow, to flourish and to strengthen its leading position in the sector.

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