The Supergen Hubs (Offshore Renewable Energy Hub, Bioenergy Hub, SuperSolar Hub, Energy Networks Hub, Energy Storage Network+, and the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Research Hub) are hosting a facilitated interactive workshop on proposal writing, which will introduce Early Career Researchers (ECRs) to the research grant funding process and provide knowledge and skills to write competitive research grant applications consistently.

Workshop details

  • Date: Tuesday 23 August 2022
  • Time: Full day workshop with lunch and comfort breaks
  • Location: Manchester University or Online
  • Registration is now closed

Workshop outcomes

After attending this workshop, ECRs will have gained an understanding of:

  • What researcher funders want
  • How the peer review process works
  • What happens at a research funding committee meeting
  • How to plan a research grants campaign
  • How to plan an application, budget and resources
  • The structure of research grant applications
  • The language and style of English needed in research grant applications
  • How to structure the writing in research grant applications
  • Some of the common problems that can arise during a research project that has been funded
  • Some possible strategies to cope when research grant applications are not funded

Please note - this workshop will not cover fellowships, studentships or other types of grant support research.

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