• Workshop 1: Offshore Renewable Energy Transmission & Storage - Technology & Pathways (27 October 2020) - The scope of this workshop covered existing offshore infrastructure and technology and how both can be adapted and transformed to yield synergies for energy transmission and storage.
  • Workshop 2: Co-Design of Offshore Renewables with Network & Storage Vectors - Future systems (6 November 2020) - The scope of this workshop covers energy vectors for offshore renewables. Energy vectors allow to make energy available to be used at a distance/different time from the source of generation. Typical energy vectors relevant for offshore energy are electricity, hydrogen, compressed gas. The workshop will consider the development and co-design of future offshore energy vector systems.

Current and future research challenges for sustainable energy generation, transmission, storage and utilisation span a range of disciplines. Three of the Supergen programmes, Supergen Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Hub, Supergen Energy Storage Network+, and Supergen Energy Networks Hub, have come together to hold a series of virtual cross-discipline workshops, bringing together Academics, Researchers, Practitioners and companies to explore the common challenges, synergies and opportunities with a goal to achieving step changes towards the highly ambitious net-zero carbon 2050 vision, and feeding into discussions around COP.

Following the workshops the three Supergen programmes are making seedcorn funding available to fund specific projects seeking solutions and pathways for the prioritised challenges identified within the cross-discipline workshops. The intention is to fund cross-discipline collaborations that carry out pilot studies to enable new and adventurous research, ultimately leading to further grant applications through existing funding bodies.

A total of £75,000 seedcorn funding per workshop is available for pilot studies, and applications from collaborative groups will be capped to allow for three or four studies from each workshop to be funded.

Further details regarding the funding will be announced soon.

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