We had a fantastic time at the Marine Futures event, held on June 22 2023, talking to teachers about the exciting career opportunities in offshore renewable energy and inspiring young attendees to explore careers in engineering.

Our presence was part of a day of activities and education, exploring an exciting era of innovation and new business growth due to the Floating Offshore Wind (FLOW) production in the Celtic Sea. The South West is part of a UK revolution in renewable technologies and has the ambition to become the greenest economy in England and the first to reach net zero. The event was designed to share this excitement and enthusiasm with young people and their teachers in the North Devon coastal areas and let them know about the exciting career opportunities that are due to be developed in the area.

Our exhibit featured a mini wave tank, a scaled-down version of the COAST Laboratory. The young people were able to have the chance to design their own wind turbine - using plastic bottles, blades and ballast - and to test how well their design balanced in the wave tank.

It was a great day and we enjoyed the opportunity to engage young people with engineering challenges and perhaps inspire them to consider a future role in the blue economy.

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