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Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Supergen Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Hub workshop

About the workshop

With the rapid advancement of offshore wind energy deployment in the UK, and the accelerating growth of the Floating Offshore Wind, Wave and Tidal energy sectors, it is recognised by industry and regulators alike that Health and Safety standards and practices when working in these areas need to adapt and keep pace with the specific challenges and risks associated with working to deploy these technologies.

There is therefore a need to bring together stakeholders from across academia, industry, government, and regulators in order to identify and discuss Health and Safety research priorities. This workshop aims to identify the challenges and gaps in Health and Safety research, with the outputs of the workshop forming the basis of developing a roadmap for research challenges in ORE Health and Safety. The roadmap is intended to initiate new research by bringing key stakeholders together to discuss and endorse key research priorities, acting as a catalyst for further investment needs via discussion with UK Government and Funders.

Workshop Aims

  • Development of collaborative relationships between key stakeholders in academia, industry, government, and regulators to establish partnerships for future research in ORE Health and Safety.
  • Gather evidence and knowledge to support the development of a roadmap, setting out a prioritised framework of research and innovation activities to integrate future Health and Safety elements and business enablers within the offshore renewable energy industry, identifying short and longer-term needs.
  • To scope high-level research project descriptors for innovative Health and Safety research projects for future development and funding through different funding streams.

When completed the roadmap will be promoted to the ORE community for support, engagement and endorsement. It will also be presented to BEIS and UK funders to inform and gain endorsement.

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