Bringing together some of the key players from academia and industry, this event was an open discussion that addressed how Ireland and the UK prepare in anticipation of this booming industry.

Ireland and the UK share very similar wind resource levels. Each hosts a highly-developed technical workforce with strong skillsets relevant to large structural fabrications and to floating wind generally. A special relationship has existed between the two countries for a very long time and will continue notwithstanding BREXIT.

The primary motivation for this Ireland-UK event was to explore what benefits might attach to collaborations at the fundamental (low-TRL) levels of development. Possibly those benefits could justify some subsequent collaborative initiatives so that both countries prosper maximally from floating wind. That added prosperity should run beyond simply accessing the indigenous natural wind resource. It should include high added-value contributions to being delivered locally and some potential for export.

Event resources

Please find below a selection of videos and presentations from the event. Links from the speaker names will open a PDF of their presentation. Recordings of sessions will link to a video recording.

Part one: view the session recording

Part two: view the session recording

Emerging technology elements: 2 minute short videos

Session 3: view the panel session recording

The final panel session included the following speakers:

  • Una Brosnan from MainstreamRP (Panel Chair)
  • Matt Hodson from WaveHub Cornwall
  • Rebecca Williams from RenewableUK
  • Simon Cheeseman from Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult
  • Tim Stiven from The Crown Estate.

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