On 25 January the Supergen Offshore Renewable Energy Hub, Supergen Energy Storage Network+ and The Supergen Bioenergy Hub attended a workshop (hosted by the The Supergen Bioenergy Hub), that brought together their academic networks, policymakers and industry around the challenges and opportunities presented by maritime decarbonisation.

The Supergen Hubs were joined by the UK Department for Transport who outlined the critical role that the decarbonisation of shipping has to play in the UK’s ability to meet net zero targets, and highlighted details of the upcoming Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition (CMDC), which aims to promote the deployment of clean maritime technologies and zero emission vessels.

Deborah Greaves (Director, Supergen Offshore Renewable Energy Hub), Patricia Thornley (Director, Supergen Bioenergy Hub), Yulong Ding (Director, Supergen Energy Storage Network+) and Antzela Fivga (Project Manager, Supergen Energy Storage Network+) then presented on behalf of their respective Hubs, outlining how their objectives align with the opportunities they see to decarbonise the maritime sector.

Following the Hub presentations, Ben Murray, Director of Maritime UK, provided a crucial overview of the sector and the opportunities for collaboration as the CMDC progresses.

More details about the workshop and the presentations can be found on the Supergen Bioenergy Hub website.

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