Wind Energy OM Research

Wind Energy O&M Research

Dr James Carroll, Lecturer and Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Strathclyde

Research Motivation: Background and Motivation: The growth of offshore wind energy is a significant feature of the UKs present and future energy mix. Wind energy is now a mainstream energy generation method in the UK and globally. In the UK alone, the offshore wind energy industry has installed approximately 8GW or roughly 2,000 offshore turbines in recent years. However, the impressive growth rate seen in the offshore wind energy industry has been partially driven by government policies and subsidies. For the offshore wind energy industry to be truly sustainable and meet the recent strike prices, the cost of generating electricity from offshore wind must continue to drop. One method of reducing the cost is to reduce operation and maintenance (O&M) costs. In an industrial context, this demand for O&M cost reduction is the motivating factor for my research. The motivation for my work in an academic context relates to a number of novel research opportunities unique to the wind energy operations and maintenance field.

Research Interests: From my previous industrial experience and academic work, I have identified three research areas to assist in reducing the cost of offshore wind energy. In each of the three areas I have secured funding and started the process of building a research team. The 3 areas of offshore wind energy cost reduction research are:

1. Failure and remaining useful life prediction of wind turbine components

2. Turbine reliability and O&M cost modelling

3. X-Rotor novel turbine development and X-Rotor O&M cost modelling

My research is driven by a close collaboration with wind turbine OEMs and wind farm operators. That collaboration allows me to identify research gaps in the O&M area, obtain access to operational data and lean on the existing expertise of globally leading wind energy players. The combination of close industry collaboration with the relevant expertise located throughout the University of Strathclyde allows for the opportunity to carry out academically significant and industry applicable research in the wind energy O&M field.