Structure and Governance

The Supergen ORE Hub brings together expertise from across the Offshore Renewable Energy sector and is made up of several groups. Each provides an essential focus across a range of areas that help the Hub to meet its objectives in research, stakeholder and industry engagement and society. 

Supergen ORE Hub structure:

Supergen ORE Hub Co-Directors (Our Management Board)

Led by Professor Deborah Greaves OBE at the University of Plymouth our Co-Directors are a group of senior academics who are directly involved in ORE Research and in the management of the Supergen ORE Hub. Find out more

Advisory Board (Our Industrial Steering Group) 

Our Advisory Board brings together a group of industry experts who represent the whole ORE Sector, providing the ability to create two-way communication, essential insight and influence through industrial and policy stakeholders beyond the academic sector, in addition to providing strategic guidance on the research requirements of the ORE industry. Find out more

Supergen ORE Hub Team (Our Operational Team)

Based at the University of Plymouth, the Supergen ORE Hub team are responsible for enabling and supporting all of the Hubs objectives, including the administration, communications, engagement and management of Hub activities. Find out more

Research Alignment Group (Our extended panel of research experts)

Our Research Alignment Group (RAG) is a non-executive body of senior academics within the ORE sector and key UK infrastructure projects, selected by our Management Board to provide independent, objective, impartial advice and strategic guidance on the direction of Supergen ORE Hub research. Find out more