Professor Richard Willden
Professor of Engineering Science, University of Oxford
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Professor Richard Willden holds an EPSRC Established Career Fellowship in tidal stream energy at the University of Oxford, having led fluid mechanics research for tidal and wind turbines for more than ten years (>£5M).

His expertise is in multi-scale analysis and design of rotors for efficient energy extraction, including the development of energy extraction limits for turbine arrays that exploit constructive interference effects. His fellowship, “Tidal Stream Energy – Designing for Performance” will develop rotor array design and supporting methodologies for next-generation high-performance tidal arrays. He was Oxford Principal Investigator for the ETI PerAWaT project and has involvement in various EPSRC ORE projects.

Professor Willden shares hub duties with Professor Byron Byrne (also of University of Oxford). They lead on Work Package 8 - Early Career Researcher Development and are our Sector and Area Champions for ECRs.