Our Advisory Board

A key measure of success for the Supergen ORE Hub is its ability to create two-way communication and influence with ORE Sector industrial and policy stakeholders. Our Advisory Board brings together a group of experts who represent those stakeholders and can provide us with essential insight and dialogue beyond our own academic sector. Our hub faces a particular challenge of spanning across offshore wind, wave and tidal, as each of these three sectors are at very different stages of development.

The Advisory Baord comprises of representatives from Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, ORE Catapult, Carbon Trust, RenewableUK, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and others covering all sectors and disciplines to ensure that a whole systems approach is taken.

Current membership


Advisory Board logos

The Supergen ORE Hub Advisory Board has a two-level structure: 

  1. To facilitate the cross-industry and high-level function in a Core Advisory Board (CAB)

  2. Individual sector needs in Working Groups (WGs) to:

- Provide High-Level Guidance in research areas, with a particular focus on overall mix of industrial sector representation and potential for cross-sector research synergies.

- Review the progress of the overall programme.

- Act as two-way Champions to promote Supergen ORE within Industry and other stakeholder groups, nationally and internationally.

- Support, where possible, the SMB with their respective responsibilities.

Operationally, our Advisory Board have bi-monthly conference calls and meet face-to-face twice a year - coinciding with our Annual Assembly and (usually) another major sectoral Networking Event.

Our Advisory Board's Working Groups will have quarterly online meetings and one face-to-face meeting annually. Their role will be similar to that of the CAB, but with a focus on the particular sector they are representing. All stakeholders within the specific Industry, including international candidates, will be eligible to apply for membership and approximately ten members will be sought.