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Offshore Wind: Resource Assessment and Technologies course

Registration deadline: 27 March 2020

Course dates: Santander, Spain, 14-16 April 2020

The course includes basic training on wind dynamics, the development and modeling of the wind resource in coastal areas, a description of the available wind databases resources, the characterization of the main wind environmental conditions and technological considerations for the exploitation of this resource in ports. In addition, case-studies are included, such as a numerical simulation of wind fields in coastal areas.

This 3-day course has been designed for the public from the AA regions interested in the exploitation of the wind resource within a port area, and attendees will not need previous experience in this field.

The courses will cover the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Wind dynamics
  2. The Wind climate
  3. Met-ocean information required for the OWT (waves and currents)
  4. Wind databases
  5. Atmospheric modeling to simulate wind climate and evaluate wind energy resource
  6. Wind quality evaluation
  7. Developments and standards for design of Offshore wind technologies
  8. Components of the offshore wind technologies
  9. Aspects involved in the design of OWT
  10. Offshore wind farm systems

Places are limited and the registration deadline is 27 March 2020.

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This course is organized by IHCantabria within the framework of PORTOS project (EAPA 784/2018), co-financed by the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme through the European Regional Development Fund.